Ableton Tuition

Oscillate Recordings offers Ableton tuition and courses for those starting out making beats or DJing, through to advanced production techniques.


Courses are one to one or small groups (max 3) and each lesson to tailor made to suit the level you are at with Ableton and the type of music you want to achieve.

An example of an Ableton Live course would be;

  • Sound Creation – Creating A Track.
  • User Interface Session and Arrange Views.
  • File organisation and housekeeping.
  • Getting MIDI into Live: Recording and editing using Drum Racks to make your own beats and grooves.
  • How compressors work and their practical application.
  • Using EQ for clarity, balance and creativity.
  • Insert Send & Return effective combining of effects.
  • Sound Creation using MIDI instruments in Live to create bass/pads/lead sounds quickly and simply.
  • How to use delay, reverb, chorus, phasing, flanging, tremolo, and vibrato.
  • Building FX racks.
  • Live for DJs & Performance.
  • Importing and organising your tracks into a virtual DJ Box.
  • Clip Editing.
  • The Live Warp Engine – the ability to timestretch whole tracks, loops, acapellas to any tempo.
  • Duplicating and looping clip launch modes – legato, follow actions.
  • Setting up a Cue/Monitor mix.
  • Send & Return tracks for controlled FX.
  • Building DJ Racks.
  • Getting a Template and MIDI mapping your own MIDI Controller (e.g. VCM600, APC40 etc) for DJing.
  • Recording your performance, ready to export to final audio file.
  • Advanced Production.
  • MIDI Effects – Chord, Scale, Arpeggiator, Random…
  • How to set up sidechaining, and why would you set it up in a specific way.
  • More FX, Beat Repeat, Vocoder.
  • The new Audio To MIDI score in Ableton 9.
  • Envelope manipulation.
  • Automating and arranging Live.
  • Mastering using multiband dynamics.
  • Rendering your sounds / entire project to a finished audio file.