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Our Team

Chris Hughes Manager and Head Engineer

Chris is the manager and head engineer of Oscillate Recordings.  He has over 15 years experience as an engineer, producer, songwriter, musician and also running a record label.

Oscillate Recording was initially set up by Chris as Oscillate Studios in 2011. During this time he helped build and design a recording facility in Knutsford and one on Hilton Street in Manchester. This was merged into one company in February 2016 with the new name Oscillate Recordings. During this time he has engineered and worked for top UK acts such The Courteeners,The LaFontaines, Laura White, Syd 31, and work released on top house label D-Vine Sounds. He has also worked as a producer for BBC Outreach’s Keep It Real project in conjunction with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Previously Chris had worked as an engineer at the Cutting Rooms, Play Concert, Studio Nyne and Raw Fish Records.  Amongst his clients were Babyshambles Up The Shambles DVD live at The Ritz and Peter Hook’s The Light Band recording iconic renditions of Joy Division and New Order albums.

He is also a proficient musician playing guitar and bass. He has had music signed to LA publisher PIG Factory with placements on MTV (Jersey Shores and America’s Best Dance Crew). He also had success with TVMR, a joint venture with ex-Hacienda DJ Jon Da Silva, supporting New Order and Jamie T, resulting in a full album release called Factory Fatigue on Hacienda Records.

Other past projects included setting up breakbeat/electro house label Splank Records and performing and releasing tunes as Groove Allegiance. The label Splank Records released 27 EPs and one album from 2004-2010. Groove Allegiance with Chris playing guitar and Ableton extensively toured in the UK including Fabric, Sankeys, Glade Festival and overseas venues in China, USA, France, Spain and Canada.

Samuel Ferry Songwriter, Composer and Engineer

Samuel is a songwriter and composer with a passion for many types of music from orchestral and symphonic works to Motown and pop.


He enjoys writing both for singers and instrumentalists and is also a skilled orchestrator and arranger. Samuel graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Masters in Musicology in 2010 and has worked as a composer and orchestrator since then, devising arrangements of existing music, orchestrating the work of others and composing original material for advertisement, film and choreography. He is always willing to experiment with new ideas and has written fully orchestral music in a more classical style, musical theatre pieces and electronic music. He particularly cites John Williams, Anton Bruckner, Gary Barlow, Andrew Lippa, Max Martin and Cole Porter as influences on his musical style. More recently, Samuel has been working with artists as a songwriter and arranger.

Dom Storrs-Fox Composer, Engineer and Sound Designer

Dom specialises in music composition, sound design, audio mixing & editing.

Since graduating from Leeds College of Music with an honours degree in music production he has been working creatively with filmmakers, animators, advertising & creative agencies to deliver bespoke audio solutions, enhance brand content and compose wicked scores. Having worked with clients such as 4Music, Soho House, ANA, Sofa.Com and the BBC, Dom understands the level of commitment and flexibility required to deliver a timely and professional result. He is experienced in classical arrangement and orchestration, electronic composition, synthesis sound design, foley and ADR. Teaming up with Oscillate in early 2016, he is working with the team to deliver professional voice­over recordings and audio mix downs for video and web based content. Dom takes great pleasure in working with clients to realise their ambition and deliver the right results every time. Savvy in Pro Tools, Logic X and Ableton he is able to work on whichever platform best suits you and the needs of your project.

Noise Four – Audio Production Company

Noise Four have partnered up with Oscillate Recordings to provide location sound, postproduction sound editing and mixing services for long form video productions

Whether you have a short or feature film, TV serial or drama, all the way through to documentary films, Noise Four’s focus is to provide audio that communicates and enhances the stories at the heart of every project. The Noise Four team together with Oscillate Recordings bring together a unique blend of creative, technical and organizational talent. This has helped their clients seesuccess at everything from major genre festivals (Grimmfest, Starburst), global competitions (My Rode Reel) through to selection at highly prestigious festivals(Festival de Cannes).

More information about Noise Four can be found here

Bobby Turner Composer, Sound Engineer

Booby is a music producer and DJ from Manchester with degree in Music Production (BA) Hons from Leeds Metropolitan University.

He specialises mostly in the use of Logic pro 9 and X and uses his MPC 1000 sample in productions. He has interest in various forms of music, growing up on styles of rock and acoustic acts and having been involved in a few bands. As a producer he listens to the a wide range of music including Jazz, funk and soul which covers lots of more modern sounds as well like hip­hop and house. He is involved with a local online music broadcaster, Reform Radio. Reform was polled at 20th in the world by Mixcloud for online broadcasters since beginning in October. He hosts his own show weekly weeks on a Tuesday, 5­7, Or alternatively head over to the Reform Radio Mixcloud where you’ll find his shows. He is a great song writer and multi­instrumentalist with a big interest in the art of sampling. His favourite producers are J dilla and Max Graef, and his musical idols

are James Brown for his raw funkiness and Marvin Gaye for his angelic vocals.