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Youtube Showreel

In all these videos we’ve been involved in the music whether it be recording, mixing and mastering. Some of the videos show examples of foley, sound effects, ADR, audio post and sound restoration which we also carry out at the studio. We regularly update our Soundcloud, YouTube and blog with further examples too.

  • Zo Abalone - Rewind
  • Syd 31 - Angel 31
  • Lauren Charlotte - Humko
  • Heir - Threads
  • Carnival Club - Sin City
  • The LaFontaines - Release The Hounds
  • Destinology - High Hopes
  • Courteeners - How Good Was It (Extra Love EP)
  • Crossfya - Love Life
  • Natasha Leigh Smith - Cold Water Cover
  • GradTouch Adele Parody
  • Imogen Hoyle - Shadow
  • This Is Xmas - Scotts Menswear
  • Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold
  • Road To Nevada By Oscillate Studio, Lloyd Nwagboso feat Richard Fleeshman
  • CBBC Newsround Trailer
  • Cara Fitzpatrick - Dangerous Woman Cover